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Follow these Easy Steps: Click here for a demonstration.
  1. Select a delivery date for your gift.
  2. Continue through check-out and click the Gift e-Nouncement® link at the bottom of the Order Confirmation page.
  3. Choose the gifts you would like to send a Gift e-Nouncement® for.
  4. Select a Gift e-Nouncement® method: Webcam Video, Ecard, Printable / Photo Upload or certificate.
  5. Select a Gift e-Nouncement® delivery date and add your personal message.
  6. Click the "Send" button to send your Gift e-Nouncement®!
Frequently Asked Questions about the Gift e-Nouncement® Service:
Why use our Gift e-Nouncement® service?
If you think the gift may not arrive in time for the occasion, Gift e-Nouncement® is a great way to notify the recipient that the gift is on its way. It’s perfect for when you're ordering late, or sending gifts overseas. And it’s memorable! A Gift e-Nouncement® is exciting, and heightens the recipient’s anticipation of your gift.
What if the recipient does not open his or her email?
You will receive verification when the Gift e-Nouncement® is opened. If you want to ensure the recipient opens it by a certain time, it may be a good idea to call and give a prompt. Your actual gift will be shipped according to your order.
Will the gift recipient be added to some kind of mailing list?
No. Only your Gift e-Nouncement® will be sent to the recipient, unless he or she chooses to receive more information.
Can the recipient see the price of my gift?
No. Prices are not shown in your Gift e-Nouncement®.
Can the recipient check on the order or make changes?
No. As the gift purchaser, you control the order and only you are able to check its status or request any changes.
Can I use the Gift e-Nouncement® service now?
If you are placing an order online today, please create your customized Gift e-Nouncement® at the end of your order process. Just click the link on our Order Confirmation page. If you placed your order previously, click here to send a Gift e-Nouncement® to your recipient.