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Gourmet Fruitcake

We’ve spent decades perfecting our gourmet fruitcake so that fruitcake delivery is a delicious holiday tradition everyone looks forward to.

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Fruitcake Delivery

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Fruitcake Delivery

At Harry & David, we take fruitcake very seriously. We mix our fruitcake in our own bakery with big chunks of candied fruit and premium nuts. The result is dense, rich, and utterly delicious.

There are families who have begun annual holiday traditions organized around bakery deliveries of the best fruitcakes they’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. It’s a story we hear a lot: our customers, who have been making their own fruitcake each year, have gotten busier over time. When they discovered the homemade flavor and dense, satisfying texture of the fruitcake we make here in our home in Southern Oregon, they ordered an online bakery delivery and never looked back. And we know of many others who cannot be home with loved ones, family, and friends around the holidays. They know that if they send fruitcake, their loved ones will know how much they care.

Sending a bakery delivery of the best fruitcakes is an eloquent gesture. Fruitcake can bring memories of holidays long past, and the best fruitcakes are a gift to be savored with coffee and laughter among friends. Fruitcake can also be part of making new memories to be shared over years to come, so when you want to show how much you care, send fruitcake from Harry & David. And while you’re at it, order a bakery delivery for yourself.